Symphony of the seas

More the biggest liner in the world ?! A new world record!

The company Royal Carribean decided not to stop there and build an even larger liner than its predecessor Harmony of the seas. The new ship was launched on June 9, 2017. So, what is the newest liner of the world?

It has 18 decks, its length is 362 meters, 65 meters wide, the ship can develop a speed of 22 knots. The ship accommodates 6,780 passengers and 2,175 crew.

The ship will provide passengers with a choice of 2,775 cabins that are divided into types: inland, cabins with windows, cabins with balconies, suites. All cabins have a TV, telephone, private bathroom, shower, dressing table and hairdryer. And the fastest Internet connection operates on the entire ship.

The new liner has 20 restaurants and bars. There are restaurants of Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, Mexican cuisine and others. There are also bars of the future, in which instead of people are installed robots that make you the perfect cocktail.

Of the new entertainment here is:

  • “land” hill in a length of 10 decks.
  • Trio of the fastest hills: “Typhoon”, “Cyclone” and “Hurricane”
  • Outdoor amphitheater
  • Huge park with living plants and trees
  • Zipline

There is also Casino Royal. Bars, lounges, karaoke bar and much more. Different shows on the ice, aqua shows and this is only a small part of what you see there.

Still here there are 2 simulators of surfing, all the walls for rock climbing (each of 13 meters).

Spa centers, 5 swimming pools, 10 jacuzzis. Also there is an excellent fitness center, and most importantly a full-sized basketball court!

But the ticket for this liner is not cheap. Approximate cost is 1000 €.

Would you like to visit this liner? Write in the comments what you think about this.

Author: konlee

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