Learjet 75

Jet business aircraft ?! 860 km / hour! 15 km above ground level ?!

The Learjet 75 is a relatively small jet business jet produced by Learjet Bombardier. Which can reach speeds of up to 860 km / h!

Some choose huge air liners that fly long distances and take a lot of fuel, but the Learjet 75 can fly for relatively small distances (up to 4000 km without refueling). This is quite enough, especially since the speed can even exceed the speeds of some airliners. And most importantly, this aircraft can climb to a height of up to 15 km above the ground! Which is more than bolinstvo planes.

Let’s start right from the salon. It has 8 comfortable seats. The floor is completely flat, which makes it possible to comfortably move around the airplane during the flight. It is worth noting that the noise insulation is at a high level. Even the sliding doors are noise-proof from the cockpit of the pilot. Near each seat there are folding tables, and retractable tablets. High-speed Internet will allow you to immediately conduct online broadcasts, watch movies or play online games. Also from the tablet you can control the settings of the seats, lights, sound and the like. On board there is also a microwave, ice boxes for champagne and much more.

Every Learjet is better than the previous one. They integrate the most advanced technologies and rethink and redesign the design.

I will not load you with all the advanced technologies that are used for the safety of aircraft maintenance and comfort for the pilot, but I will simply say that safety is at the highest level.

By the way, the design of the aircraft wing is the best in its class. It makes the flight smoother and more comfortable. And thanks to the new engines, fuel consumption has become less.

Range map:

  • Dubai-Hong Kong
  • New Delhi-Tokyo
  • Los Angeles-New York-Miami
  • Singapore-Beijing

I really liked this plane. For business meetings or to fly from one place to another, it’s the thing. For travel, it also fits. I think this is a good choice for business people. How about you? Write necessarily in the comments.

Author: konlee

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