Sony XZ2

Sony has changed the design of smartphones for many years! Frameless smartphone from Sony?! This is something!

So, already today began the exhibition MWS 2018 in Barcelona. (And it will last until March 1)

Some companies have already managed to present their novelties, including Sony, which will be discussed. She immediately introduced two smartphones: Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 compact. (Today we will only talk about the older version)

Well, let’s start with the most fundamental decision from Sony. This is design. Firstly, some elements, such as a mini-jack or a fingerprint scanner on the side-button on-off, were abandoned. The screen is 5.7 inches. This is the first frameless smartphone from Sony. Aspect ratio 18: 9. Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, which is very pleased, few devices can please such.

The battery is 3180 mAh. The operative memory is 4GB, the main memory is 64GB. The camera is 19 megapixels, one of the best, the front one at 5.

The form of the smartphone has become slightly convex, which allows him to lie well in his hand. The entire smartphone is covered with a beautiful glass shell. Also here is a 3D scan as in the latest models from Sony. But a pleasant unexpected novelty was the Dynamic Vibration System. This is such a function that will vibrate in time with the music, the sound of games and watching clips and movies. It is very cool!

Another novelty is the support for wireless charging, but, true, it will require an adapter that is sold separately. Sales have been under pressure since the spring of this year.

Well, I think it’s an excellent smartphone, which, thanks to its though unaccustomed design, has become even better. But I did not like the fact that the scanner was transferred to the back panel, and when it was on the side button, it retained its own personality, or something. But basically I liked the smartphone very much. Sony makes the first innovations of its own and this is their huge plus.

Also soon there will be new posts from the exhibition MWC2018. There are many more interesting things!

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