Soon there will be no gasoline engines ?! Tesla is making the future right now!

You are familiar with Tesla. You probably already heard it somewhere. This is a company for the production of electric cars. It was founded in 2003 and belongs to its three founders, one of whom is Ilon Mask.

Their first electric vehicle was released in 2006 under the name Tesla Rodster. It was a small convertible on electric traction. It was not very popular and quite expensive even for an electric car. Soon Ilon Mask realized that this electric car did not bring much profit and did not pay off. Then they with the team decide to create a new family sedan, too, on electric traction. And then a few years later, they roll out a brand-new sedan with electric power under the name Tesla Model S. It immediately gained popularity among customers, the reason also became half the price for the Rodster. It cost about 50 thousand dollars. This family sedan has become a competitor to many elite companies, because Tesla itself is part of the premium car class. It has become a special car among others: it has overclocked up to a hundred as most sports car coupe, there is also no need for a cardan shaft because of what on the back row of seats there is no central tunnel. Also inside a lot of space because of the small engine, which is located near the rear wheels and feeds energy directly there.

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Shortly thereafter, Tesla is releasing its new crossover too on electric traction. The main feature of these electric cars is the almost complete absence of mechanical buttons in the cabin, but only a huge display from where everything is controlled and implemented

And recently there was a presentation at which they presented a new wagon fully on electric traction and sports car, which can accelerate to hundreds in 2 seconds and speed to reach 400 km / h.

It seems to me that Tesla is making the future now. This can be judged by their electric cars, which overtake our time for fifty years. And what is better for you, the internal combustion engine or electric traction?

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