Terrace above the clouds?

Have you ever had dinner on the terrace which is above the clouds? I think it is unlikely. Terrace Unkai, it is in Japan, on the island of Hokkaido, to be exact, in the resort of Tomama.

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The terrace became famous all over the world for its unique location. It lies high on the mountain, almost at its peak, which often rises above the clouds after altitude of 1088 meters above sea level! Agree that it is exciting to see how under your feet float clouds and form a white sea. The view from here is simply amazing.

The site itself was opened in 2005 and immediately gained great popularity. For all time of its existence it has typed 110 thousand visitors, and in the busiest days it types more than 2000 tourists. To get to the site, it takes about 13 minutes to climb the gondola in an environment of unforgettable landscapes.
And that is not all. They offer to drink a cup of tea or coffee, eat a light snack looking at passing clouds. You can also attend free yoga classes or simply enjoy this nature and breathe the fresh air.

It is best to go to this teresa before dawn, when the night is replaced by the morning. Because then the maximum temperature difference between the thermal springs that lie in the valley. As the terrace comes out of the mountain, this is the best location, clouds can swim under their feet.

This terrace is open from May until mid-October. The terrace itself is open from 05:00 am to 8:00 pm. The cost of the tour is $ 20.

I think it is necessary to visit here. This is one of those places on the planet where breathtakingly from an incredible nature. Also I believe that this place is quite romantic and is suitable for making an offer of the hand and heart.

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