DJI Spark

Salfi-drone or still competitor DJI Mavic Pro?

Previously, we have already mentioned various drones and talked about one of them, and that without them the journey will not be so bright and memorable. Now we are talking about the smallest and most budgetary version in the line of drones from DJI.

DJI Spark is classified as a SELF-DRON because of its small size compared to other DJI drones, but can it also shoot full-fledged videos? Yes, he can do it, too. Also, he added new chips and technologies, which are not in the older drones.

Dron has five colors to choose from: red, yellow, blue, green and white.

It is often compared with DJI Mavic Pro, which before its appearance was the most compact semi-professional drone. DJI Spark has much smaller dimensions though its rays do not add up. Its weight is only 300 grams.

The camera itself is a two-axis camera with 12 megapixels, it shoots with a resolution in fullHD. The viewing angle is almost 90 °. She’s a bit inferior to Mavic, but she’s doing well too.

It’s only 3000 Mach, which means that it takes a short time, only about 16 minutes, it’s also less than the older drones.

It is also stuffed with sensors from all directions. It, like all drones DJI, klibretsya on the compass even before the start of departure, and even if you lose contact with him, he will return to the takeoff site. Flight may be 2 kilometers. Also, the sensors recognize the obstacle and it flies over them.

And here begins the most interesting. In DJI Spark there is something that is not in the other drones. Firstly, it is the control of the drones with the help of hand gestures. Yes, yes, it’s gestures. Since it is classified as self-dron, it can take photos and videos from different combinations.

  • Selfies- simply join the fingers in the frame and it will make the photo
  • PalmControl-drone in this mode will be able to move away, approach, go left-right according to the location of your hands.

One of its features is also intelligent QuickShot flight modes:

  1. Rocket is a vertical take-off and the camera looks straight down.
  2. The die-quadrupter flies away from you in reverse and slowly goes up, that is, diagonally.
  3. Circle- it will fly around the point you specified while staying at the same height.
  4. Helix is Take-off in a spiral around the indicated point.

It is also the only drone of DJI, which can be controlled by a smartphone due to data transfer via WIFI. But the flight range will be much less than with the remote control. Because of this, two sets of quadrocopter are also available.

Well, from this you can draw conclusions that DJI Spark is an excellent drone and is suitable for both photo and video shooting. It will be great to take along on a trip because of its small size and the ability to take great shots. Oh, yes, I forgot to say that this drone, unlike others, can fly straight from the hand and sit on it, enough to put a hand. And due to this he takes off in just thirty seconds. This is a great advantage. Also you can make small video clips and even movies and cuts. Immediately from there you can mount and upload to the network. Write in the comments that you think about it.

Author: konlee

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