DJI Osmo

The best stabilizer? New gadget from DJI!

Do you often use stabilizers for cameras? This applies to professional video and photo shooting, so that the handset does not shake the smartphone. What do you mean by DJI? Almost everyone comes to mind the company for the production of professional drones and drones, which are removed from the height. But this company is also engaged in other areas, for example stabilizer-DJI OSMO!

This is a new product from DJI. This stabilizer makes it clear without blurring the photo and without jittering the video. Even when running, the picture does not flicker and does not spread out. The stabilizer itself consists essentially of two parts: a smartphone and nine component lens. He can shoot video in 4K. It rotates 360 ° and can be controlled in different directions. Control is carried out by means of joysticks and buttons which are on the handle. This accuracy is ensured by the unique super-fast DJI processor.

The stabilizer was also equipped with the latest technologies, which had previously been used in debts from this company. For example, the stabilizer can be connected via WIFI to the smartphone. Still here there is a function “follow the object”, as in DJI Mavic Pro and other drones. The camera has two removable batteries, which can hold a charge up to two hours. There are also three motors and a cooling fan.

The stabilizer itself costs about $ 100, the price is relatively small for such a stabilizer.
It turns out that you can shoot high-quality and original pictures not only from the height of the drones, but also in the hands you can take great pictures. It can be taken on a trip, because it takes very little place. I like this new gadget from DJI, and you?

Author: konlee

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