Aldar HQ

​A circular skyscraper! It’s unimaginable!

Aldar HQ is the world’s first round skyscraper. It is located in the district on the Al Khara coast, in the UAE capital, Abu Dhabi. The skyscraper is the headquarters and owner of the construction company Aldar. The skyscraper itself was built from 2007 to 2010. This term is very short for the construction of this type of skyscrapers.
The form itself was intended to resemble a seashell, which would harmoniously combine with the landscape. Skyscraper has received diagonal grids, they were applied for the first time in this skyscraper in the UAE. The construction itself consists of two concrete supports in the center and steel frames that have received this shape / \. And due to this, a bulge was reached from both sides. The whole skyscraper is completely mirrored.

​There were certain difficulties with this project. One of them is the subsidence of the soil under the skyscraper, because it is built on a bulk island as well as many buildings in the UAE of this type. But nevertheless this problem was solved.

​The area is 61,900 m2. This project was recognized as one of the best at the time of completion of the construction. The skyscraper is equipped with the latest technologies such as artificial water supply and a vacuum system for automatic garbage collection.
How do you like the new skyscraper? In my opinion, it is very original and looks beautiful due to its unusual design.

Author: konlee

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