Sony rx0

​The most durable action camera?

​Sony recently introduced one of its new products, this is another action packed camera with 4K shooting. But the manufacturer itself claims that this is not an action camera and it does not belong to such a class. But basically there is every reason to consider this camera an action.

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What is she like? This camera is somewhat similar to GoPro because of its appearance, and on this similarities end. It has a 1.5-inch screen, the touchscreen itself, and the interface control buttons are located around it. Also at the bottom there is a tripod mount. 

​The camera itself is framed in an aluminum coating, which makes it super tough. But there is still one or two disadvantages: firstly, this camera does not have any stabilization, neither optical nor digital, and generally no (and this, perhaps, is the reason that it can not be called an action camera); secondly, this is the same problem as in all GoPro cameras-it’s unnatural to hold in hands unlike the same action camera from Sony.

​The very camera rx0 is excellent. It is waterproof and can dive to a depth of 10 meters without an aquabox, it’s impressive! It is also protected from impacts and falls from a height of two meters. Thus, it can be used even in the harshest conditions. It shoots the camera as well, and basically all Sony cameras. This is its main advantage: compactness and excellent shooting. The camera can shoot super-slow shooting of 960-1000 frames per second. Also, the camera copes well with moving objects, removes 16 frames per second. The camera takes pictures without distortion. There is one more interesting thing: if you connect several rx0 cameras to each other, they will interact and shoot from different angles.

​How do you like Sony’s new original camera? It seems to me just great. You can take it with you on a trip and not be afraid that it will drown or be broken. This is a great camera! Write in the comments what you think about it. 

Author: konlee

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