Google Pixel XL 2

​The fastest smartphone in the world? Finally, someone can compete with Sony and Apple?

​Relatively recently, google began to develop in the field of technology and promote its products to the market. It is a young company in this field, but with each new novelty and presentation of new gadgets, it reaches a new level ahead of its rivals and now it has already reached the leaders of the world market. Previously, I have not encountered, or rather, did not pay the same attention to google smartphones, but now, I think they are worthy of attention. Presentation of smartphones (their two: Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2) was held on October 4, 2017. New Google Pixel 2! (In the future we will talk about Google Pixel XL 2).
This smartphone runs on the Snapdragon 835 processor, like most new smartphones from Sony, which already speaks of its performance. This smartphone is very fast and works almost without delay. In this regard, it is faster than its competitors. Battery performance is 3500 mAh. The POLED screen is 6-inch, almost without frames, it covers almost the entire front of the smartphone. Now about the camera: 12 megapixels main and 8 megapixels frontal. The camera itself is almost identical to the cameras that stand on Sony’s smartphones, well, look at it. 

​The cameras of these smartphones are constantly similar to other competitors, even, for example, the first generation, whose camera was very similar to those that stand on Apple’s smartphones. I think they wanted to create something between Apple and Sony. Google you what? Can not you create your own design? I hope this will be fixed. Another thing that did not like it is the speaker: it’s too small and not very loud.

By the way, according to tests on the quality of the camera, Google Pixel 2 scored 98 points becoming a leader for a while (then it was surpassed by Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with 100 points).

Yes, the camera here is really very good with optical stabilization and automatically selects the best frame, blur, portrait, background and many more additional functions. But what happens, Google with its smartphones ahead of Sony cameras on their smartphones? To be honest, it seems to me that the cameras are the same and will be able to compose each other’s competition in one or another dignity.

​But in general, the smartphone came out pretty good. From the search giant this could be expected. They really made a lot of changes and improvements to their smartphones. Oh, yes, I really liked the colors of these smartphones. This is very original. The price for this smartphone will start from $ 690.

​Tell us in the comments how you like this smartphone. I have nothing more to add. But still Sony smartphones seem to me a little better. In google smartphones feel a flaw, but very small and soon it will be able to compete fully with the best flagships.

Author: konlee

I create blogs on different topics. What I find interesting, I post on blogs. I'm trying to gather as much information as possible about the material I want to print.

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