Train 580 km / hour! That’s cool!

​Basically when we travel abroad or in a certain country, we often choose planes, because they are much faster than any other transport. But what about the number of passengers? A plane can accommodate no more than 200 people. Therefore choose a train. It can carry more than 800 people and is much cheaper, but the time for the trip goes much more and because everyone chooses the plane. But what about the speed of the train 580 km / h?
Shinkansen is an electric train that moves from 300-to-580 km / h. They are in Japan and ply only on certain paved with a large number of rails. Shinkansen transport for the day more than 200.00 people! These are the fastest trains in the world. And they are one of the first who first broke all the records for speed for many years to come. The first lines and high-speed trains in Japan were built and put into operation in 1996. Soon around the world, they began to copy this technology and improve their electric trains. But the Japanese, too, did not stand on the spot and constantly updated their Shinkansen, and now no one can beat the record at a speed of 580 km / h.

​The Shinkansen lines are closed from 00:00 to 06:00, during this time, the lines are being prevented, at this time the lines for ordinary trains open, which almost parallel pass near the Sikansen lines. The Shinkansen train can consist of no more than 16 wagons, their length is about 25 meters. They are all perfectly air-conditioned and have modern toilets and wash basins, and there is also a dream for smoking. The seats can be rotated 360 °. For such long trains, the platforms were made appropriate. These trains deliver in a few hours to anywhere in Japan.

​Also, the Shinkansen are used outside of Japan, for example in Shanghai, where it is called the maglev. A distinctive feature of Shinkansen in Japan is their streamlined shape and a long nose. Due to this they move very quickly.
Shinkansen is a very good form of transport. It is slightly more expensive than conventional trains, but it’s worth it. I think this is a great replacement for the plane. What do you think?

Author: konlee

I create blogs on different topics. What I find interesting, I post on blogs. I'm trying to gather as much information as possible about the material I want to print.

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