#1(5 days): Volvo xc40 (2018)

​Compact crossover from Volvo!

​At the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Swedes introduced the new compact crossover Volvo xc40. This is the smallest crossover among Volvo cars.
Inside the cabin is almost the same as that of its predecessors, but with some changes and with the addition of some details. In the middle of a large touch screen, the instrument panel is completely virtual. And in general everything is as usual: quality materials, everything is adjusted at the highest level. Despite the fact that this is the smallest crossover in the class, it is quite spacious, even on the back row of seats. Also this crossover will be considered the safest in its class or even in the main.

​Outwardly, it shares features with the Volvo xc60 and has the recognizable Volvo charm. The same diode headlamps “hammer Torah”. Its dimensions:

  • Length 4 meters 39 cm. 
  • Width 1 meter, 93 cm. 
  • Height 1 meter 63 cm.

It will compete with BMW x1, Audi Q3, Infiniti QX30.
Also in Volvo xc40 made a lot of sensors, one of them is an automatic stop before the obstacle and the transition to another lane of the road like the Volvo xc60. Prodpdi will begin in the spring of 2018, the price will start from 30 thousand euros.

​I think this is an excellent crossover. It can easily become a family crossover, but in the majority it is more urban crossover. I like it, and you like the new Volvo xc40? Write in the comments.

Author: konlee

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