Honda Urban EV

​A new citycar from Honda! This have not happened before!

​Honda also introduced one of its new products in Frankfurt. This became an electric car Honda Urban EV. This is a completely new, on a new platform, citycar. It is somewhat reminiscent of the VW Golf, but basically the design and interior are peculiar and interesting. Also, the Japanese made their logo highlight the company’s logo: it will now be present on all cars, at least Honda.

​It is designed in retro style and it gives it a kind of charm. Inside, everything is much more interesting. The interior itself is crammed with wood, aluminum exhibitions and environmentally friendly materials. Only the steering wheel and the control pedals remained familiar to us. On the whole torpedo stretched a huge touch screen on which all information is displayed. Also new were the new screens, stretched out in the door maps, they will display the appearance of the side windows due to cameras and sensors. Another feature is that the doors open against the car.

​Citycar is so compactly compact, but it contains four people. The headlights are also completely new and look great. Vpepedi near the headlights displays information about charging the battery and the progress of the car. The dimensions of this car are not yet known, only that it will be on full power and charge very quickly.

Write in the comments as you have a new project from Honda and in general a new citycar.

Author: konlee

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