Porsche Cayenne (2018)

​He remained the best sports crossover?

​Porshe recently presented at the exhibition in Frankfurt in 2017 a new crossover Porsche Cayenne. Some people think this is a raystal, but it’s not like this: it’s a completely new crossover on the new platform, which was used earlier in Bentley Bentayga.

​Outside, the Porsche has changed a bit. The creators wanted to modify the exterior of the crossover as little as possible while retaining the original design that many liked. Changes were made to the front grille, it became a bit wider, the headlights were also better. The lights changed from behind, they stretched out into one solid line like the new Porsche 911. I think this is a great solution.

Inside, too, there are changes. In general, it is very similar to the new Panamera. 12.5 inch touch screen, a new gearbox, around it are located touch-mechanical buttons. The instrument panel is completely electronic, but still no new scales were added. Also there were original vertical air intakes on the sides. Behind the sofa is designed for two people h but if desired, and can place the third. There is a touch-sensitive climate control, heated seats, as well as cooling. Everything is good enough and looks expensive.

​It seems to me that Porsche has changed for the better, and I like this design and interior most of all. This is a status, and most importantly the fastest crossover, which hurt all good in itself and made it even better. Write in the comments what you think about it. Do you like Porsche?

Author: konlee

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