Than to occupy itself in the plane

​If you like to travel the same way as I do, then you probably know that the most difficult flights are. They are with transplants, and there are also direct flights, but all this does not negate the fact that sometimes it takes a long and tedious flight. What then to do when the flight is long. And how do you deal with yourself in an airplane for long flights?
You should always have a small bag or backpacks so-called hand luggage, which you are allowed to take with you on the plane. In the backpack are stored all the necessary things during the flight: from medicines and ending with passports and tickets. Also in the backpack should be present such things as a smartphone, headphones and a book (you like to read), or a guide to the country where you go. You can also take a laptop with you.

​The first hours of flight will be more than tolerant, but then you need to come up with something and occupy yourself. It is worth to preload in the laptop some interesting film with a length of about two hours, or even a few films to distract for a while. If you are flying with transplants, then on the second transplant it is worth thinking about a dream that can cover you, especially if it’s night. Sleep on the plane normally will not succeed, but still worth a try.

​After you wake up, you can read the book with new strength, or look into the guide and learn something new about the country and its attractions. Well and further simply to try to occupy itself those a little on a sentry which remained to arrival of the plane. 😄😄

Author: konlee

I create blogs on different topics. What I find interesting, I post on blogs. I'm trying to gather as much information as possible about the material I want to print.

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