Chinese beat all records on pre-orders of their smartphones

​Chinese smartphones are better than flagships?

Now almost everyone has a smartphone and Internet access. And the market has a lot of smartphones from different companies. But each has his own preferences and he chooses a smartphone at will and its value. Flagships such as Samsung or Sony may not be available to everyone.

Now the active development of electronics began to deal with the Chinese releasing their smartphones no worse than the flagships. But what is the difference between Chinese gadgets and premium smartphones? And is it worth overpaying? The Chinese make very reliable smart phones and other gadgets, and the notion of fragility and hang has long been no more than a fiction. Now the Chinese market is developing such companies as Xiaomi and Meizu. What do you think about them?

New Meizu M6 note

These are smartphones of medium and budget class. They themselves are almost all not designed for games, but if you want a smartphone for your work, then boldly choose them. These are smartphones that can work for a long time, do not beat or scratch, mostly Meizu prerogative. The recently launched smartphone Meizu m6 note. And what kind of smartphones do you have?
It has a dual camera, a high battery charge, and it is protected from dust and moisture. The screen is 5.5 inches. But the most important thing is that it works on the Snapdragon processor, it was only available in premium smartphones. But now Meizu reached a new level. It’s really impressive. And why then pay more for Samsung or Sony if you can buy Meizu twice cheaper? Now even set a record for the new Meizu m6 note presentation which was held on August 21. This smartphone will be a long time on the market, because now he has broken all the records on offer and that’s not all.

That is, therefore, from this it can be concluded that premium brands, which cost sky-high prices for smartphones, almost do not differ from ordinary smartphones. If, of course, you need it for work and business.😄😉

Author: konlee

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  1. I think we are going to see more and more quality products coming out of China. For many years they have had a bad name for cheap inferior goods however in recent years, particularly in Australia I have seen substantial changes for the better, not only in quality but also variety

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