5 projects of future cities

​In which city would you like to live?
Now many large-scale projects have started to be implemented, including new cities and separate regions. So, the top 5 cities of the future

​1. Great City. It is an environmentally friendly city without cars. China began building a new city from scratch to build a center around the residential core, which can accommodate 80,000 people. The project assumes to completely get rid of cars, and means of transportation will be bicycles and electro-transport, including public. The city itself will use 48% less energy, 58% less water, that other cities of the same size and 89% of the waste will produce. The city will be located outside of Chengdu.

​2. Masdar. It will be the most ecological megapolis in the world without the release of carbon, other waste, without cars and without skyscrapers. Now it is being built outside of Abu Dhabi in the desert. The city itself will operate on a public high-speed transport system instead of private cars. And most importantly, he will depend on the energy of the sun, wind and geothermal energy. The city will be installed giant automatic “sunflower caps”, which will provide a moving shadow during the day, and will store heat and allocate it at night.

​3. Shan-Sui. This city in the conception of which lies the fusion of huge skyscrapers with nature thereby making this city environmentally friendly. Architects believe that people should spend more time with nature and enjoy it, therefore they create this city. There will be a lot of public places, apartment houses with parks, jobs and the like.

​4. In Athens, now, too, there is a complete rethinking. They want to turn the city center into a bright, green and accessible to pedestrians, not machines, the center. Green areas will provide shade and shelter from the heat, which gives a more active and comfortable rest. New avenues will also provide accessibility when all the surrounding areas.

​5. In Dubai, too, the construction of a new district is underway, focusing on public relations and social interaction against the backdrop of green plantations. The area will consist of 550 villas, organic farms, educational institutions, as well as 200,000 square meters of solar panels. The city itself will generate 50% of the necessary energy and compensate this for carbon emissions through public transport.

From this all we can conclude that each city in the future will have to be environmentally friendly. Almost all architects who create new cities are striving for this. Write, in which cities of the future would you like to stay and in general do you like the idea of ​​architects?

Author: konlee

I create blogs on different topics. What I find interesting, I post on blogs. I'm trying to gather as much information as possible about the material I want to print.

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