Books need this

​Do you like reading books?

​Some people are very fond of reading books and doing it regularly in any place: whether it is a metro, an office, a home, or somewhere in a cafe. Now there are many readers that make reading easier. But, I do not know about you, but electronic books will never replace real ones. You say, but what’s the point of buying books if you can download them for free on the Internet and read them? Yes, you are right on the one hand, but on the other hand, the e-book will not give a rustle overturn the entrance of the pages, the smell of the book itself and it’s somehow really that it is.

One of the best-selling books by Clive Kassler

​Most of all I like adventure novels, especially books that have become bestsellers. But I also love historical ones, for example, about Genghis Khan or some other. And what are your favorite genres of books?

​The brightest representative of my genre, adventure, is the American writer Clive Kassler. His books are very fascinating and popular. All over the world, his books have sold more than 125 million copies! Try to read one of his books, you will not regret. And what is your favorite author?
Write in the comments about what you think about books and which ones you like best.

Author: konlee

I create blogs on different topics. What I find interesting, I post on blogs. I'm trying to gather as much information as possible about the material I want to print.

21 thoughts

  1. Yo prefiero los libros en papel, me gusta tocarlos, subrayar lo interesante… no me gusta dejarlos porque no te los devuelven, prefiero regalarlos.

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  2. Calvin and Hobbes are my favorite.
    Books don’t hassle me about battery life and can be left in the car. They look good on a shelf even if never read. I love books.
    Liked the comment about how they smell and the rustle.

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  3. AND… electronics books are sometime at the almost same price than its brother in paper (well in France), AND if the edition decide to, you can see your electronic book disappear from your reader. Soooo I’m so agree with you : books in paper are not dead. 😀
    I love read… well I work in a book shop so I basically live with books around me all the time and I love that. I don’t read many polar, I prefer fantasy and “real story”. I read a lot of comics to. My favourite writer is french and dead, is Jean Giono. His books are like paints with words… 😀

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  5. Books can take you anywhere you want… it’s like a big trip without end ^^ (sorry if my english is bad… 😂 i’m french and obviously not fluent at english 😅)

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