The great Wall of China

​This is one of the places on Earth that is breathtaking.

​This is the largest architectural monument that was built from the 3rd century BC and ended in 1644 AD. This great construction passes through northern China for 8,851.9 km. The thickness of the great wall in general does not exceed 5-8 meters, and the height is usually 6-7 meters. At the very wall is a very large and impressive story, which stretches from a long time ago. She survived many dynasties, including wars from which this wall was built. The wall itself was destroyed in some places, but now it is completely restored.

The wall has stood for many centuries due to the fact that it is constantly restored, but very soon it may not be, for some reason, that have their meaning. The wall is very ancient, and to maintain it in good condition you need a lot of money, but that’s not the problem. And the fact that the wall is stolen, more precisely, they take stones from it for construction or to sell. For this, a very large fine is taken, but this still does not stop. But, I think, the wall will remain for many more centuries if it is taken care of and will have to be restored. This is the greatest monument of architecture.

​The wall entered one of the new wonders of the world and it is the only building in the world that can be seen from outer space. The wall was also included in the UNESCO world heritage. The Chinese are very revered by this landmark and are simply very proud of it.
Also it became a very popular attraction and symbol of the whole of China. Well, you will agree that it would be foolish to be in Beijing and not to visit the Great Wall of China. Basically, tourists are taken to a part that is not far from Beijing, and what about the rest? There’s almost all the same. This wall is very impressive. When you get here and you look at it all, you understand how difficult it was to build this wall. Also, standing here, she truly captures the spirit of her some special atmosphere. How many centuries have passed, how many centuries have passed, how many wars it has experienced and how many people have come here and how many will still come …

​In general, this wall is just something. You need to visit at least once in your life and look at it. That feeling that you are experiencing is unforgettable.

Author: konlee

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