FESwatch u2

​Original and elegant! They are worth it

Do you like to wear accessories? And that they were elegant and original. Then you should look at the new watch on electronic ink FESwatch u second generation. This start-up was developed by Japanese scientists, but then it was bought by Sony.
The main feature of this watch is the E ink screen, which covers the dial and the strap itself, so when you press a single button you can set your design. Its main innovation was a metal case made of stainless steel, which added strength and elegance to the watch. The diameter of the watch is 43 mm, and the thickness is 12 mm. They weigh 75 g and have full moisture protection IPX5 / IPX7.

​Also, users can create their own designs in the FES Closed application for a smartphone or use an extended set of ready-made drawings, including paid ones. Sony release new styles from famous artists every month m will be released before the end of the year.
Now the watch is equipped with a battery, which provide operation for up to three weeks. In the kit there is a rack for charging. But do not confuse this watch with a smart clock, it’s more like a stylish accessory. But still the new generation and its functionality have slightly expanded. Manufacturers offer three colors to choose from: deep black, silver and white. Their price is from $ 400 to $ 500.

​If you want something original and elegant, then you need to try this watch, they will not disappoint.

Author: konlee

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