The largest observation deck in the world!

​400 meters! Transparent observation deck!

In China, there was another landmark made of glass. This time it is an observation deck sticking out on the edge of the mountain at an altitude of 400 meters above the picturesque valley. The viewing platform itself is equal to 415 square meters.

​The viewing platform protrudes from the rock almost 33 meters! It is completely safe, it is made of titanium and bullet-proof glass. This landmark is 70 km from Beijing. Most tourists come here to make an original photo or to take picturesque scenery, but not everyone can come here. 

​When you stand beside her, you experience mixed feelings: fear or beauty. But I think this is one of the few attractions that truly captivate the spirit and beauty that opens from the observation deck is worth to overcome fear and look at the opened landscape under you and in the distance. Also, this is the largest observation deck in the world.

Author: konlee

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