Bicycles-the most popular transport in the world

Have bicycles become very popular ?!

​I must say that now bicycles have gained great popularity. If before bicycles were common only in Asian countries, now they can be seen on the streets of Europe. Bicycles are an excellent means of transportation around the city and outside it. They are very popular: there are about 1.5 billion in the world of bicycles! Because of its affordable price and ease of use.

Xiaomi yung c1

Now there are many brands that produce first-class bicycles. All of them are divided into three main types: highway, urban and mountain. But now practically the cult of the electroscope and electric bicycles. (And which ones do you think are better than bicycles, write in the comments?).

​But the most expensive and the best are carbon-fiber bicycles. They weigh no more than nine kilograms, which also affects the speed and ease of riding on it. If you choose the ease of riding, then you should pay attention to electric bikes. They help you to ride and do not strain yourself.
It seems to me that a bicycle is a great way to travel and it replaces cars and motorcycles. It does not pollute the air, which makes it ecologically clean transport. Also it will keep you in shape.

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