Sony FDR-x3000R

​Better than GoPro?

​Basically we are used to that, if the best camera, then it must be necessarily GoPro. Well, why? There are many decent cameras that will also be good to use. But only one camera is worthy to compete with GoPro and even better than it. This is an action camera from Sony. It’s better.The camera itself is small enough. This is a small monoblock case which consists of white glossy plastic, and its weight is only 114 g. Considering the battery. The camera is so small that it fits in your hand. Also, the main feature and significant advantage over GoPro is its elongated shape, which makes it possible to hold it with a natural grip and is fixed in your hand. Also, there will not be any that fingers will fall into the lens, which often happens with cameras such as GoPro.

​The camera supports 4K video. Also at the bottom of the camera there is a form factor that allows you to fix it on any surface. By the way, the camera itself is made in white color, which is an excellent feature. In sunny weather when recording 4K with a large bitrate, who is the computing power of the processor will be used at maximum-this will protect the camera from overheating. This camera is also water resistant, which allows it to dive to a depth of one meter without a protective cover.

​Above there is a button slightly recessed into the body: it’s a power button and a photo or video recording button. At the bottom there is a unique socket that allows you to attach a tripod or some other additional accessories. Also here there is a compartment for memory cards of the standard M2 and MicroSD, closed with a blank. On the right is a small monochrome display, a menu button and navigation. On the left is a battery compartment for 1240 mAh. Also behind there is MicroUSB and Micro HDMI, which are hidden under the plug. But in front there is a lens with a wide angle, and the most glare, these are two stereo microphones that you can not cover with your fingers during the shooting, what do they do with other cameras. Also pleases a large amount of the indicator, which allows you to watch goes shooting or not.

​I think that this camera is simply excellent and considers only good qualities in itself. This camera is suitable for everyone, but most of all for travelers and extreme situations. This camera is much better than GoPro in my opinion. I think you should pay attention to it. She’s one of the best.

Author: konlee

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