Audi A8 (2017-2018)

There are no competitors! Best in class ?!

​Recently, just a week ago, the new flagship sedan Audi a8 was also introduced to the first D5 body. The world premiere will take place in September 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

​Guys, it’s just unreal! They changed almost everything, they created a machine with a new sheet. Here now in front is a chrome grille with a narrowed head optics. They are matrix, and the rear ones are made with organic LEDs. In general, the exterior was even more elegant: there were also sharper corners, which gave the car a more dynamic, tightened and austere appearance. At the back you do not recognize Audi, only by the logo. There they altered everything. The main feature is a new optics: it stretched out and merged into one, and in the middle stretched a metal strip. It seems to me that the solution is not ideal, I probably liked more old optics or just could not get used to this, but in any case, it’s a matter of taste.

But the interior in the new Audi a8 has changed completely. Unlike its predecessor, there is a completely different steering wheel, a completely electronic instrument panel, and behind the center console are two large full-screen touch screens.

​Incidentally, the company decided to abandon the physical buttons and now all control will be through the sensor. With regard to the rear row of seats, so it is three-seater, but in the top version or for a surcharge, you can make it a two-seater. Also one more innovation that was introduced is the function of heating and foot massage, which is not offered by any of the competitors of the new Audi.

​Also in the car is a new multimedia complex called MIB 2+, and the tablets on the headrests of the front seats are removable and can be used outside the car. In addition, there is a self-learning navigation system, a two-odor air scent function, wireless charging for smartphones, a projection display, central and side armrest heating, and a Bang and Olufsen sound system with 23 speakers.

​The most impressive thing here is the autopilot. The new Audi is equipped with artificial intelligence Artificial Intelligence which is provided by twelve sensors, four video cameras of a circular view, one additional front camera, one infrared camera, four medium-range radar and one laser scanner. This sedan became the first production car with a laser vision device, because it was previously considered too expensive for mass use. And now there is an autopilot of the third level of autonomy, but the use will be allowed only in 2019. In this case, the car parks as without the participation of the driver. He can safely stop by himself in the garage.
The length is 5170mm. The width of 1945mm. The wheelbase is 2996mm. The height is 1473mm.

​The car will be available in two versions: Long and Original. The price will be approximately 94000 €.
It seems to me that this car in its class has no equal. He is really so good and can justify his price. This car will surprise anyone from a good point of view.

Author: konlee

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