Sony xperia x ultra

​Sony is preparing a response to the new frameless samsung s8? Will it be better?

In the network there were renderers and they accurately showed video that the device would be equipped with very thin frames, and the screen would be 6.45 inches with an LSD display, full HD screen, stereo speakers and a fingerprint scanner on the end.
The thickness of the case will be 7.8 mm, the battery will be presumably at 3050 mAh, with support for quick charging Quick Charge 3.0, a Snapdragon 660 processor, an accelerator, Adreno 512. RAM is 4 GB and 64 GB built-in.

Behind xperia x ultra will be equipped with a 19-megapixel camera motion eye. Selfi-camera will be at 13 Mp. Also, a type-c port and a dust protection IP68 are expected.
Do you think it’s worth waiting for something new and original? I think it’s worth it to wait for this smartphone to enter the market. Yes, he does not have the most powerful hardware, but he does not have the most durable battery, but I think that this device will be able to compete with Samsung s8, and even surpass it in what I have no doubt. Moreover, manufacturers want to improve stereo speakers and make a better and better sound, and watching movies with this aspect ratio is a pleasure. I think this smartphone deserves to be called the best smartphone in its class.

Author: konlee

I create blogs on different topics. What I find interesting, I post on blogs. I'm trying to gather as much information as possible about the material I want to print.

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