The Tower


In Dubai, planned a new skyscraper The Tower. This name is unofficial, and the height of this skyscraper will be approximately one kilometer!

​This skyscraper intends to exceed the current altitude record of the Buj Khalif by as much as 100 meters. The architect is the Spaniard Santiago Calatrava. This skyscraper will not be like everyone else, it will be held by multiple cables claiming unmatched strength and diameter, which will be exposed to reinforced concrete. The exterior of the tower will resemble an unblown bud or minaret, and as a basis for interior decoration the designer took one of the wonders of the World-Hanging Gardens of Semiramis.

​In addition to the tall spire of one kilometer in height, it is planned to build an area of ​​6 square kilometers. There will be a yacht club, fashionable hotels, apartment houses, boutiques and much more. It will become a separate richest area in Dubai. The construction of the skyscraper took about $ 1 billion
It is also very similar to the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia where they plan to also make a new district and skyscrapers 1 kilometer in height. But in my opinion, in Saudi Arabia will be a little better skyscraper, because there will be a retractable observation deck and the existing floors will be slightly larger.

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