Avenue of Stars

Better than in Hollywood?

The alley of the buildings in Hong Kong is a real attraction there. It is located on the Kulun peninsula. From here you can enjoy stunning views of Hong Kong and its numerous skyscrapers. For any tourist it will be very interesting to look at it. It was built in 2004. Here are exhibited all the statues of the legendary figures of Chinese cinema: writers, directors, actors and others who contributed to the creation of cinema in China.

​There are statues and fingerprints of famous Chinese actors like Jackie Chan and the popular Bruce Lee. Above each statue there is a red stand from which you can read about this or that actor.

​The Alley of Stars is just 800 meters away. To walk around slowly enough for 20-30 minutes. Recommend walking from west to east, because at the end of the promenade you can see a laser show, which is done at 8 pm every day. A wonderful sight!

​I believe that this place should definitely visit if you will be in Hong Kong. This place is one of the few that can really surprise and impress you. I believe that it is slightly better than the one in Los Angeles, because there is a stunning view of the bay and the numerous high skyscrapers, and at the end of it we are waiting for a laser show, which is exactly to impress any traveler.

Author: konlee

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