Sony a1 OLED

$ 5000 for a new Sony a1 TV? Is it worth it?

I was very hooked by Sony and I decided to make another interesting review of their products, which deserves attention. So, we begin.

Sony a1 is a new generation TV and definitely a new series. The models of this series combine high-quality OLED-display, x1 Extreme processor, as well as unique acoustic system and form factors.

The TV a1 contains more than 8 million homing pixels, which provide a realistic color transfer and a wider viewing angle. The x1 Extreme processor manages a huge array of pixels, which extends the capabilities of the OLED display by improving the quality of 4K and HDR images.

It is also the first TV in the Sony line-up, and probably around the world, this time it did not use conventional speakers, and instead taking advantage of the OLED design, they made a new acoustic system, Acoustic Surface, and now the sound is reproduced in the entire plane of the screen And it sounds very good. Thanks to OLED technology, the screen has become more saturated and can be viewed from all corners of the room and enjoy it.

The TV itself stands on one wide leg, and all wires and small systems are hidden in this design. It can be put on the floor or on some other horizontal surface such as a pedestal or a table for a TV. If necessary, it can also be hung on the wall.

​I believe that this TV is worth its price, but if its price was slightly less, it would have had even greater demand than now. This TV did simply unthinkable and stepped even further ahead of us for a few more decades. This TV is very good.
If the Sony products collect at least 4 likes, we will create even more interesting reviews for other even more interesting products from Sony. (Believe us, we still have something to surprise you with 😄😄)

Author: konlee

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