Some facts about Sony

1. Sony’s first product was a rice cooker.
2. Sony cooperated with Apple and gave it a base. Thanks to Sony, Apple is now at its best.
3. Sony was the first in the world to create a CD.
4. Sony was the first in the world to create a TV, a player, a radio, a receiver and many more.
5. Sony beat all world records and became founders in the field of technology.
6. In the 90’s, Sony produced more than five hundred new products per year (one or two new products a day).
7. Sony was the first company in the world to make a game console, and PS2 became the most sold in the world and to this day no one could surpass it in sales.
8. Sony is the flagship brand and one of the most high-quality and more recognizable all over the world.
9. The creators of the company wanted to create npzvanie easy and memorable and that no one in the world such was not. So it happened.
10. Sony is one of the most popular brands in the field of new technologies.

Author: konlee

I create blogs on different topics. What I find interesting, I post on blogs. I'm trying to gather as much information as possible about the material I want to print.

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