Abu Dhabi?


1AED = $ 0.27

Abu Dhabi is quite an expensive country in which it combines bagatsvo, pathos, coloring and so on. But here you can also spend a vacation without spending a fortune, and the rest will be memorable and excellent.

First flight:

Fly to hot countries usually in the summer, and to fly the whole family (3-4 people) round trip ticket will cost you around $ 780 round trip. (Abu Dhabi International Airport)


Until 2008 in Abu Dhabi means of transportation around the city were taxis, but later introduced buses. They mostly go tourists. The travel in such buses will be 3-6AED, depending on the distance.


This is the most important part. Hotels in Abu Dhabi are at least 3 *. The price for accommodation in a 4 * room for three will be approximately from $ 152 USD per night.


Beaches in Abu Dhabi are considered one of the best. There is a white sand … a blue sea … There is also a pokptistoe bottom, which is very suitable for children. In general, the beaches of Abu Dhabi are some of the best.


Almost all the impressive sights of Abu Dhabi are located outside the city.
The main historical value of the island Sir-Bani-Yas is the palace of Sheikh Al-Jaraf and the adjacent reserve, where rare species of animals and birds live. Also, the artificial island of Yas attracts its recently opened Ferrari Park, where you can feel like a real racer. Here is the real track “Formula 1”, another Ferrari museum. In general, it is possible to say about Abu-Dai that he combines nature and glass skyscrapers, which harmoniously fit and harmonize with each other.

In general, we can say that Abu Dhabi is a city in which people come who have become bored with Egypt and Turkey, and fly and Thailand is not enough. Abu Dhabi though is the richest Emirate among the rest, but it is possible to rest at it quite inexpensively and get a lot of pleasure from your vacation. The whole holiday with the whole family will cost you 1900$ for ten days.

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