The fastest elevator in the world built in Shanghai


This is the Shanghai Tower, which is in the middle

In Shanghai, built another of the many skyscrapers, but it’s one of the biggest called Shanghai Tower. In this skyscraper it was deemed necessary to put the world’s fastest elevators cruising along the 630-meter building that entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s fastest elevators. Their speed reaches 69 km / hour!
They are developed by the Japanese company mitsubishi electric. Engineers do not disclose all the secrets of the super-elevator, but declare that it is designed with the latest technology and is completely safe for use. Do you think, since it accelerates to such a high speed, will it produce a buzz or something like that? So no, it’s very quiet, fast and reliable. Also, it incorporates all the security measures that will prevent incidents and will reduce them to zero.

How does the elevator

Coming to Shanghai, tourists first of all want to try the elevator with this incredible speed. This elevator has become one of the attractions of Shanghai. Also, the elevator is able to rise from the underground second floor to 119 floors in 50 seconds, which simply can not fail to impress!

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