Xiaomi mi notebook air


Last year saw the presentation of a completely new direction in Xiaomi: these are laptops. Once they entered the world market, they managed to gain great popularity. This is all because the Xiaomi laptop is very similar to the macbook air, and the characteristics are similar too, but it’s almost twice cheaper and because of this, they are so demanded.
The diagonal xiaomi air is 13.3, has a discrete map, the thickness is 14.8 mm, and the weight is relatively small-1.28 kg. This is one of the few laptops that combines an ideally thin design and high performance.

Also there was a new intel core 7 generation instead of the old intel core i5, which made it even better to improve performance by 12%. The DDR4 memory remained unchanged-8GB. Also, you can not only carry this laptop on a slave or office, but also edit high-quality videos and play “heavy” games without hanging.

Also appeared a sensor for fingerprints, because the laptop for almost every one is a “storehouse” of secret information, the entrance to which is strictly prohibited. The fingerprint sensor is in the upper right corner of the touchpad, clicking on it, you immediately get to the desktop. Xiaomi air has a keypad backlight.

Updated graphics subsystem. The new version of the notebook Mi Notebook Air 13.3 “has a video card GeForce MX150, which exceeds the old GeForce GTX 940MX in performance per watt of energy consumed. Now, “heavy” applications and large-scale games on laptops with a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels will not “hang”, and deliver you a lot of pleasant experiences!
In xiaomi air, the full HD screen resolution is 1980 × 1080, the sharpness is 1.8 times better than the screen “24”. Unlike the standard 1080p screen, the xiaomi air frame is expanded to 5.59mm. Also, new innovative technologies came to the bottom of the box, which reduced the distance between the layers of the screen and due to this, the glare becomes less apparent when the air is refracted. And now it’s even more convenient to work for a new xiaomi mi notebook air.

The four-cell battery has a quick charge function: half of the battery charge is charged in just half an hour.

I believe that this is an excellent choice, and Xiaomi air is one of the few laptops that combines high performance, good quality, budget and design at a high level.

Author: konlee

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