Underwater drone of Gladius


​Gladius is an unmanned drone that implements photo and video underwater. It was introduced recently, but has already gained popularity among diving enthusiasts and depth researchers. The drone is able to descend to a depth of 100 meters and stay up to 3 hours. Was developed in China.
For Gladius two cameras are available: 1080P and 4K. Control is carried out using a sliding console, in which you can put a smartphone or tablet. It is played by a number of buttons and two joysticks: one for droning, the other for controlling the camera. Also, the console is able to synchronize with buoy on Wifi.

In the configuration there is a buoy, who plays one of the most important robbers. In the buoy itself, a Wifi module is installed, and the latter is directly transferred over the cable to the drone, thus control is carried out. Two sets will be available, in which the cable reaches 30 meters or 500 meters, depending on the strength of the Wifi. Also from the control panel, you can adjust the LED-backlight.
Its features:

  • This is the most inexpensive underwater drone
  • Easy to handle thanks to four propellers, 4-degree freedom and convenient adjustment
  • Distance up to 500 meters and submerged by 100 meters, the best indicator in its class
  • Camera taking pictures in 4K, without distortion
  • Also included 3 kg. Case.

Author: konlee

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