Kingdom Tower


​Jeddah tower is a project of the highest skyscraper, which is being built in Saidov Arabia, 32 km. From Jeddah.
Construction began in 2013 and is not moving very fast. The skyscraper is planned to be completed by 2020. In jeddah tower invested $ 1.23 billion

This skyscraper should become the center of a new area of ​​the Kingdom Tower, on the shores of the Red Sea, in which 80 thousand people will live. In this project, in total, $ 20 billion was invested. Takoe rn will be located 20 kilometers from the port of Jeddah, which also will enter the square of the new city.

The construction of the skyscraper is planned in the Arabian desert. At the height of the tower you will see the territory in Oadius 140 km. The planned number of storeys will be 167 floors, and the total area will be 530,000 square meters. Meters. It is planned that the proud satellite will consist of elite housing, hotels and business centers. The tower will have a so-called “heavenly terrace” where people can rest. The diameter of the terrace is 30 meters. The terrace will be at the level of 150 floors. This is the only skyscraper that will reach the level of exhaustion more than 1 km.

This skyscraper will become one of the highest in the world built by a man and surpass even the largest skyscraper Bjj Khalifa in the UAE at 108 meters.

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