MIJIA Electrical Scooter


Recently, in December 2016, in China, a scooter from Xiaomi was introduced! There were many pre-orders, and when he entered the market, he immediately gained great popularity and popularity.
Its weight is 12.5 kg. The case is made of aviation aluminum and in two colors: black and white. Also the scooter is capable of compact folding for convenient transportation. He is able to drive on one full charge of 30 km. MIJIA Electrical Scooter received the E-ABS system, which allows you to quickly brake at a distance of only 4 meters. Maximum driving speed is 25 km / h.

​On the MIJIA Electrical Scooter, there is also a 4 LED indicator that displays the battery charge. As for smart features, the scooter is able to connect to your smartphone through the application and display battery charge, health indicators and the like.

Author: konlee

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