How to fly to Hong Kong

​Hello! Today I will tell you about Hong Kong.
Short description:
This is a very interesting city. Hong Kong is an industrial, financial, business center of China. The city is very large (I do not remember the area in figures). The population here is quite dense as in many Asian megacities. There are a lot of skyscrapers here, which is its main attraction. And all this is because of the big prices for real estate. The land here is expensive, which is the result of high skyscrapers.

How to fly:
In Hong Kong, there is only one airport, so you do not have to choose. Flights from Kiev will be with transfers. The flight is approximately 8 hours.
The price for three adults is $ 836, considering that you will have to fly in economy class.

Currency and prices:
The currency here is believed to be in Hong Kong dollars.1 The Hong Kong dollar is approximately 13 cents
Prices here are high and therefore you need to be a little economical.

If you are in Hong Kong, then you must definitely visit the two most famous sights of Hong Kong.


On the island of Lantau, there is the largest in the world bronze statue of the sacred Buddha (34 m high). To get to the top you need to go through 268 steps.

​In 2004, the Alley of Stars was opened in Hong Kong, where many famous Asian movie stars, directors and film producers left fingerprints of their palms.

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